This post is a special treat, a recap of the best of the best photos captured in 2016!

Throughout 2016, we deployed 5 cameras at 8 different locations in the upper San Diego River Gorge.  Our cameras captured mule deer, coyotes, gray fox, mountain lions, bobcats, brush rabbits, skunks and other rodents, roadrunners, quail, and more!

Here are a few of our favorites!


First photo of mountain lion cubs

July 18, 2016: Baby mountain lions and their mother walking west along the Homestead Trail from Eagle Peak Ranch.

This was our first photo of baby mountain lions, we were excited to see three cubs with this female lion!  Litters can be one to six cubs, with two being the most common.  As cubs grow, they begin to explore with their mother, visiting kill sites and by about age 6 months, they can hunt small prey on their own.  These cubs were likely born in the spring and beginning to explore with their mother.

Prolific Hunter

July 3, 2016: Gray fox carrying rattlesnake

Throughout 2016, we frequently documented a gray fox carrying various prey, including this rattlesnake, a small deer leg, a rabbit and more.  We cannot say definitively that this is the same fox in each photo, but it does show that foxes are omnivorous hunters!


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