Best of 2016

This post is a special treat, a recap of the best of the best photos captured in 2016! Throughout 2016, we deployed 5 cameras at 8 different locations in the upper San Diego River Gorge.  Our cameras captured mule deer, coyotes, gray fox, mountain lions, bobcats, brush rabbits, skunks and other rodents, roadrunners, quail, and … Continue reading Best of 2016


M125 the Lion

M125 spotted! This mountain lion is wearing a visible tracking collar. While we cannot tell from the photo, we know because of the collar that this is a male lion, called M125 (the "M" is a signifier that he is male).  This collar was added during a study conducted by a conservation organization.  Over time, … Continue reading M125 the Lion

Gray Fox Hunting Habits

Over the last few months, we have noticed several photos featuring a gray fox with a variety of different prey and food sources.  In the photos below, a gray fox (we cannot determine for certain if this is the same individual) walks by with a full mouth each time! The gray fox is a omnivorous, … Continue reading Gray Fox Hunting Habits


Curious Mule Deer

Our wildlife cameras are usually pretty hard to spot, partly to prevent theft but also so as not to disturb the habitat area.  The shutter is pretty quiet and there is no flash. However, every once in a while, they get spotted!