Volunteers play an important role in supporting our wildlife camera program and collecting the important data that informs our land management!

We have several volunteer positions open:

  • Camera Field Crew:  Are you a hiker or explorer looking for a mission?  We are looking for hikers interested in visiting our cameras on a monthly basis to check status, download images, replace batteries and adjust locations.  This volunteer would be trained by our team and visit the remote locations with staff or another volunteer buddy.  Must be open to being trained to use the technology, moderately physically fit, have access to transportation.  Time commitment:  typically about one or two 6-8 hour field days per month, including travel.
  • Wildlife Photo Archivist:  Love wildlife but looking to help from the comfort of your home or our office?  We also seek volunteers interested in reviewing photo collections to identify animals, behaviors, and other data points.  Some camera downloads have 100-1000 images, many triggered by wind or other non-wildlife motion.  Must be open to being trained to use the technology (computer and spreadsheets), have good eye for detail.  Time commitment:  1-2 hours once a week.
  • Blog Volunteer:  This blog is a great way for us to share cool images with our supporters!  Are you interested in storytelling and technology?  This volunteer will assist San Diego River Park Foundation staff and other volunteers by selecting a few best photos from each wildlife camera photo download and collecting content (self-guided research, interviews with staff, or collect and format stories written by others) to post on the blog.  Must have experience with WordPress blog format (or be a quick learner!).  Time commitment:  2-4 hours once a week.
  • Wildlife Camera Internship:  Year-round, we offer an unpaid internship for a college student or recent graduate to work with our staff to coordinate our camera program.  Gain valuable conservation biology and field experience, as well as volunteer program leadership.  Time commitment:  ~10 hours/week for at least 3 months. 

Because of training required for these volunteer positions, we look for volunteers looking to make at least 6 month commitment (except the internship position).

Contact us for more information!  

Please call (619) 297-7380 or email volunteer@sandiegoriver.org with your name, interest and availability.